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Tavcor Volkswagen : New Dealership Development on William Moffat Expressway

The Tavcor Motor Group, after 42 years at the foot of Mount Road, is moving. Their new premises  on the Moffat will showcase the Volkswagen worldwide standard for new generation dealerships.

With over 60 years of service to the Port Elizabeth community, Tavcor strive to continue their history of excellence in their new ‘blue’ building. The project, which will take 11 months to complete, will cover approximately 5 000 square metres on 14,000 square metres of land. Rain water harvesting will collect 200,000 litres of water which will drive the empowerment car wash company, Siyoyisa.

Showrooms for 20 new cars as well as for 70 used cars along with a 26 bay workshop and full service parts outlet will allow the 120 people Tavcor employ in their Volkswagen Dealership to continue their award winning service.

As the third largest single outlet dealership in South Africa, Tavcor have won numerous VWSA and National Awards for outstanding service and performance. The company also achieved ISO14001 accreditation status in 2010 and is the only VW Dealership in South Africa to achieve this level.

Parking for 250 cars and a full service from Tavcor MotoRent will also be on the site, with Tavcor  expecting to service over 100 cars per day.

Group C.E.O. Alan Taverner is sad to see Volkswagen leave Mount Road but equally glad to be able to add much needed capacity for the future. “This move positions Tavcor Volkswagen for the next 20 years”  he said. He also said that the existing embassy building would stay in the family and would house a suite of new businesses from July 2012.

The project is being managed by Johann Lochner of Robinson Baker and Lochner associates. The building has been designed by Alchemy Architects, appointed by VWSA to implement new corporate identity projects in South Africa.

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One of the things that makes Tavcor great is our deep care and appreciation for all our customers. We love feedback and always have time to listen to what they have to say. Great cars, great people!