A Swing Of Success: Khaya Cheshire Charity Golf Day

Khaya Cheshire Charity Golf Day Raises R160,000 for Rebuilding Efforts

The recent Khaya Cheshire Charity Golf Day held on June 23 was a resounding success, thanks to the incredible support of generous individuals who came forward to participate. Organized by the dedicated TAG Team, this event raised an impressive amount of over R150,000 to contribute towards the rebuilding of Khaya Cheshire. The center, which provides care and development services for children facing physical and mental challenges, unfortunately, lost its home in Walmer Township during the 2020 lockdown. Over the years, Tavcor Motor Group, a long-standing supporter, has played a vital role in assisting the center, and Megan Stow, HR Director, and TAG Team leader, holds a deep affection for Khaya Cheshire.

Supporting Khaya Cheshire

Khaya Cheshire has been a sanctuary for children in need, offering a nurturing environment and developmental opportunities. To rebuild this vital institution, Khaya Cheshire requires a budget of R1.7 million. With the collective efforts and contributions of various businesses in the Metropolitan area, the recent golf day proved to be a significant milestone in the fundraising campaign. The event witnessed the participation of 120 players, and thanks to the support of 16 tee box sponsors, the objective of raising R150,000 was surpassed, with a grand total of R160,000 collected through golf, raffles, and auctions. The positive energy and enthusiasm displayed by all the players made the day truly memorable. Furthermore, the event owes its success to the invaluable assistance of Stefan Ferreira, who played a pivotal role in organizing the golf day.


The Khaya Cheshire Charity Golf Day was a remarkable achievement, demonstrating the power of community support and solidarity. The generous contributions from individuals and businesses not only helped raise crucial funds but also shed light on the importance of nurturing and caring for children facing physical and mental challenges. With a total of R800,000 raised to date, the journey to rebuilding Khaya Cheshire is well underway, thanks to the unwavering dedication of supporters and the tireless efforts of the TAG Team. The success of this event brings hope for the future of Khaya Cheshire and reaffirms the belief that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

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