Celebrating the 20 Year Journey: Interview with Garrick Bowker, CEO of Tavcor Motor Group

Celebrating the 20 Year Journey: An Insightful Interview with Garrick Bowker, CEO of Tavcor Motor Group

As a child, Garrick Bowker dreamed of a life working hands-on with nature as a farmer. Today, he leads one of the most successful motor groups in the industry, celebrating his 20th anniversary as the CEO of Tavcor Motor Group. In this interview, we delve into the man behind the success and learn about his leadership philosophy, approach to decision-making, and the company culture he cultivates.

Garrick describes himself in one word – disciplined. After 20 years within the organization, what brings him joy at work is seeing people and teams set goals and exceed them. The energy and excitement of every month end keeps him motivated.

His overall philosophy for leading an impactful organization like Tavcor Motor Group is to lead from the front and focus on doing more than is expected. He believes that this creates value that impacts the bottom line and helps develop those around him.

When making big-picture decisions, Garrick starts with a clear vision and strategic outcome to guide his thought process. The corporate culture he aims to promote is one of high performance, achieved through clearly defined culture statements that drive the behaviours and actions of all employees.

Garrick is candid about what the company does well and where it could improve. He notes that Tavcor is made up of committed employees who are proud to represent their organization. However, he also believes they could be better at holding themselves accountable and finding permanent solutions to problems or “Red Flags.”

Reflecting on his biggest career challenge – transitioning Tavcor Motor Group from a family-run business to a professionally managed High-Performance organization, while keeping the values and heart of a family-owned business – he learned valuable lessons. Among them are maintaining team commitment and understanding, setting no limitations on performance levels, having consistent policies across the group, avoiding negativity, promoting value creators, prioritizing training and experience, focusing on problem-solving, listening more as a leader, staying informed by asking questions and interacting, and ensuring every employee has a single point of authority.

As we celebrate the anniversary of Garrick Bowker taking the helm as CEO of Tavcor Motor Group, let’s look back at his transformative leadership. From understanding competitive threats to developing new business models and envisioning the company’s future, Bowker has guided Tavcor through a period of significant change and growth.

Responding to Competitive Threats

In the face of competition, Bowker recognized the importance of maintaining a long-term strategy. He moved from seeking immediate fixes to taking a more strategic approach, carefully evaluating any red flags that could impact Tavcor Motor Group’s trajectory.

By staying focused on this long-term vision, the company has remained adaptable and resilient in an ever-changing industry.

Fostering Innovation with MotoRent

Motorent showcases Bowker’s ability to develop and guide new business models within Tavcor Motor Group. Drawing on past experiences, he knew that a clear business plan supported by strong, positive staff would be crucial for success. By avoiding unnecessary risks, MotoRent has thrived under Bowker’s leadership.

Envisioning Tavcor Motor Group’s Future

Bowker anticipates several key changes for Tavcor in the coming years. With investments in dealerships across Southern Cape, continued growth is expected. Accompanied by expanded offerings such as Suzuki, Renault, BAIC, and JAC vehicles and opportunities for “YES” Candidates to develop their leadership skills.

A strong focus will also be placed on environmentally-friendly initiatives like EV electric chargers capable of recharging 2 cars simultaneously. By 2024, Tavcor plans to import Hybrid and 100% EV vehicles from OEMs.

Additionally, digital investments including new websites and marketing tools will help generate leads beyond traditional dealership structures.

Advice for the Next Generation of Tavcor Motor Group Staff

Bowker encourages new staff to take control of their growth and success by setting clear written goals. He emphasizes that it’s each person’s responsibility to seek out training and experience within the company, knowing that there are no shortcuts to reaching the top.

Garrick Bowker’s journey serves as an inspiration to many. As he continues to lead Tavcor Motor Group on a path toward excellence, his story proves that discipline, passion, and commitment can transform dreams into successful realities.

Written by: Elmé Nel | 19 September 2023
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