An Interview with the Director of Human Resources at Tavcor Motor Group: Creating a Supportive and Empowering Environment.

An Interview with the Director of Human Resources at Tavcor Motor Group: Creating a Supportive and Empowering Environment.

As the Director of Human Resources for Tavcor Motor Group, Megan Stow has had an incredible journey over the past 20 years. From a childhood dream of journalism and politics to steering the company with her passion and love for people as well as her leadership expertise. We had the privilege of writing an in-depth article celebrating her 20-year work anniversary at Tavcor Motor Group. In this interview, she shares her experiences, leadership philosophy, and insights into what makes Tavcor Motor Group a thriving organization. Delving into the company’s journey of transformation, strategies for promoting employee wellness and performance, the importance of staying updated with employment laws, and their approach to diversity and inclusion. Here are the highlights of our conversation.


A Childhood Dream Became the Start of an HR Journey:

Starting with aspirations of journalism and politics as a child, the HR Director found her true calling in working with people. While she admits she might not have survived the latter, she emphasizes that her tenacious nature is what has carried her through to where she is today.

“I have to say that my team both our HR/HO team and our Exec Team are extraordinary colleagues to work with and they have challenged, loved, and laughed with me as we face the rollercoaster of life in the motor industry.

Working with Garrick over the last 20 years has been a wonderful learning experience as he is honest and ethical and he cares for all at Tavcor. A truly wonderful leader.”

She is motivated by her commitment to family – both at home and at Tavcor. Her two-decade journey has been filled with variety, learning experiences, and meaningful connections that have pushed her to grow.


What Brings Joy at Work:

For 20 years at Tavcor, Megan has found immense joy and satisfaction in her work. The ever-changing daily challenges keep her engaged as she navigates the rollercoaster of the motor industry alongside her supportive executive team. Most rewarding for her is witnessing the personal growth and development of her colleagues within the company. She also expanded on the joy she gets from the Siyoyisa team.


Leadership Philosophy:

Her leadership approach centers around creating a supportive and empowering environment that fosters individual success while also contributing to industry growth and the community’s well-being. By building relationships based on mutual trust, respect, open communication, empathy, and inclusivity, she aims to shape an ethical organization that promotes a positive work culture.


The Role of an HR Director in Three Words:

Strategic – Collaborative – Employee-focused: This combination ensures successful HR functions that promote growth and create opportunities for individuals within the company. At its core, human resources is about “moving people” – guiding them towards their personal and professional goals.


Transforming Tavcor Motor Group’s Organizational Culture:

Tavcor Motor Group has undergone significant changes, evolving from a family-run business to a professionally managed family-owned entity. Megan faced challenges in changing mindsets and ensuring respect for the company values and new leadership team while establishing her own identity within the organization.


Wellness Programs in a High-Performance Work Environment:

Tavcor Motor Group’s TAKECARE Tavcor program is crucial for sustaining employee performance by contributing to a positive work environment, reducing stress, and fostering a sense of community. Megan emphasizes that recognizing the role of resilience and well-being is essential for promoting sustainable high performance in any organization.


Staying Updated on Employment Laws for Compliance:

Megan underscores the importance of having key business partners remain up-to-date on HR compliance and stresses the need for continuous learning and development to stay current in their field.


Promoting Diversity at Tavcor Motor Group:

Through training programs like YES Learnerships, and Apprenticeships, Tavcor Motor Group ingrains diversity into its culture while nurturing talent in alignment with its transformation goals. The partnership with Ubuntu has also been instrumental in achieving its aims around diversity.


Identifying Areas of Excellence and Improvement at Tavcor Motor Group:

Megan takes immense pride in their talent development initiatives, especially regarding YES programs, Apprenticeships, and breaking barriers for women employees. However, they acknowledge that there is some room for improvement.


Improving Interdepartmental Work:

Megan acknowledges the power of teamwork and communication in achieving outstanding results and team growth, as shown during the Covid-19 pandemic. To enhance collaboration, they suggest focusing on sharing their learnings, providing support, and creating a safe environment within and between departments.


Overcoming Challenges in a Career:

When asked about the biggest challenges faced in their career, she emphasized the importance of focusing on learning experiences rather than dwelling on obstacles. They stress that holding people accountable for their performance is essential for overall business success to prevent getting caught up in being “the nice guy.”


Adapting to Change in The Company:

Megan foresees significant changes for Tavcor Motor Group over the next three years. They predict that technological advancements, such as digital dealerships and electric vehicles, along with regional expansion will reshape how the company functions and competes in their industry.


Advice to New Tavcor Employees:

Megan offers some words of wisdom for new employees joining Tavcor Motor Group. We at Tavcor Motor Group encourage newcomers to embrace learning opportunities; “remain humble, and get involved within the dynamic work environment.” Megan continued by assuring that Tavcor Motor Group is highly committed to being an employer of choice while also striving to benefit its community.



In conclusion, our conversation with Megan Stow provided insights into interdepartmental collaboration, overcoming challenges, adjusting to change within the company, and nurturing a new generation of employees. Megan’s experience and advice clearly indicate that with the help of her colleagues, they have built a community for all Tavcorians where they can grow professionally as well as on a personal level in a supportive caring environment. Tavcor Motor Group is a committed organization that not only endeavors to be an employer of choice but aims to be an honorable citizen of our community.


Megan displayed a sense of humility and gratitude when she ended the conversation leaving us with goosebumps when she said; “The people at TAVCOR are everything. I could never have wished for better colleagues who continuously inspire and motivate me. It has been an honour to learn from you all over the last 20 years.”


Written by: Elmé Nel | 16 November 2023


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