Behind the Wheel: Jacques Herselman’s Journey to Becoming Tavcor Volkswagen George’s Dealership Principal

The Tavcor Motor Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Jacques Herselman as the Dealership Principal for Tavcor Volkswagen George. We had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss his journey, life lessons, and his vision for the future. Jacques is anticipated to have a considerable positive impact on the team and dealership overall.


From Policeman to Dealership Principal

Growing up, Jacques had dreams of becoming a policeman – a dream he fulfilled for 10 years before entering the motor trade. His impressive career started in the automotive sector after seizing an opportunity to sell cars, which paved the way for his continued success in this industry for the past 20-years. His dedication to core values and work ethic helped him rise through the ranks.


Leading by example

With years of experience, Jacques has learned the importance of staying humble and being grateful for everything life has brought him. As a leader, he attributes his success to attentively listening to his team members, showing genuine respect, and actively leading by example.


Inspiration and motivation

One of the pivotal moments in Jacques’ career was receiving the Golden Pin from VWAG in 2017.  This pivotal moment truly made a mark on his professional journey and is an accomplishment he cherishes. In addition to this accomplishment, Jacques has drawn immense inspiration from his wife’s unwavering resilience while facing health challenges and her selfless willingness to extend help to others despite her personal struggles.


Business and pleasure

Beyond his professional life, Jacques has a diverse range of interests that offer balance and fulfillment.

Some of these include learning about fine wines, cooking delicious meals alongside his wife, and participating in mountain biking adventures to maintain an active lifestyle.

Although a lover of fine food and wine, when asked about the one thing he could eat for the rest of his life, Jacques jokingly responded with “red wine,” followed by “braaibroodjies natuurlik” – revealing his deep passion for food. Together with his beloved wife Yolanda, they experience the joy of being grandparents to three beautiful grandchildren.


As Jacques enthusiastically embarks on this new venture with the Tavcor Motor Group family, he eagerly anticipates growing and evolving together while consistently striving for excellence in customer service. He believes that respect is the foundation of strong customer relationships, and emphasizes the importance of understanding customers’ emotions. By being flexible and open-minded, he finds tailored solutions to address their unique needs. Jacques also highlighted that adding a personal touch to customer service helps establish trust and makes customers feel valued. This can be achieved by actively listening to customers, empathising with their concerns, and focusing on resolving their specific issues.


We would like to extend our warmest welcome to Jacques Herselman as he assumes the vital role of Dealership Principal for Tavcor Volkswagen George. We are confident in his leadership capabilities and commitment to customer service. We are excited to see the positive influence he will have on our dealership, ultimately contributing to our ongoing prosperity.


Written by: Elmé Nel | 24 October 2023
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