Celebrating 35 Years at Tavcor Motor Group: A Remarkable Employee Journey

A Remarkable Employee Journey – Sydney De Klerk

It’s not every day you come across someone who has dedicated over three and a half decades of their life to one company, and in this case, it’s a remarkable 35-year journey dedicated to the parts industry with Tavcor Motor Group for Sydney De Klerk. From beginning as a Receiving Clerk to excelling as a Salesman, let’s delve into the story behind this success and the invaluable advice gathered over the years.


How it all started

Back in 1988, when Tavcor Motor Group was still known as AutoHaus, our esteemed employee Sydney De Klerk began his career as a Receiving Clerk in the parts store. Like many others, he found this job through a placement agency and quickly discovered his passion for the motor industry by interacting with unique people dealing with customers. This interest led him to choose this path in his career.


Sydney’s journey at Tavcor Motor Group

Throughout his 35-year-long tenure at the company, he claims that meeting interesting people while dealing with various customers has been an enjoyable aspect of his job. Apart from that, the sense of camaraderie and teamwork within Tavcor provided tremendous job satisfaction.


Changes, challenges, and how to overcome them

Adapting to numerous changes throughout his time in the industry didn’t seem daunting, thanks to the support from managers and staff members at Tavcor. Sydney thrived in his career by always supporting his co-workers in times of change.


When asked about advice for those in the industry or planning to begin their journey, Sydney responded with great experience and wisdom, “Always strive to do your best and work with passion.” He also stresses the importance of being tough and willing to learn from others if one wants to succeed in the motor industry.


One of the pivotal moments in his career was when he transitioned from Receiving Clerk to Salesman. This personal growth gave him new insights and confidence within the industry.


His inspiration

If given a chance to spend an hour with someone and acquire all their knowledge, he would choose Siya KolisiRugby World Cup-winning captain of the South African national rugby team. Our employee admires Kolisi for his accomplishments despite his challenging upbringing in a rural, impoverished area.


Outside the workplace, he channels his love for sports by watching rugby and soccer whenever possible. A well-rounded individual with diverse interests, indeed.



In conclusion, this 3-and-a-half decade’s journey with Tavcor Motor Group is a testament to dedication, passion, resilience, and continuous learning. The experiences and advice gathered over the years serve as valuable lessons for all of us. Here’s to many more years of inspiration and growth!

Thank you for your admiral loyalty, work ethic, and the value you add to our team.


Written by: Elmé Nel | 13 September 2023
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