Tribute to legendary Mr Martin Moos

In October 2010, TAVCOR embarked on an Enterprise Development project that saw the takeover of Tavcor wash bays and cleaning services by a new company named Siyoyisa Co. (which means “we can conquer all”). This exciting new venture was owned and led by our long-standing service colleague, Martin Moos.

Martin led the Siyoyisa family until 2018 when he sold his shares to focus on his family and his ministry. During his time as the leader of Siyoyisa, he proved to be a man of great integrity, determination and kindness. He led his team with a gentle yet firm hand. He was always available to his people and for many, he was a second father.
Martin was an exceptional guide: Gently navigating through the trials and tribulations of a challenging new company. His natural gravitas and the true human spirit will leave him forever remembered in our hearts and minds as “Mr Respect”.

Here is a short tribute from our MD, Garrick Bowker:

Martin Moos a true Tavcorian, always giving his best to the Company and our Customers. His humble, unselfish, hard-working and positive attitude he brought to the Tavcor Team meant that he grew to become the Majority Shareholder of Siyoyisa (Pty) Ltd. Martin Moos was more than an employee or shareholder at Tavcor. His wisdom and humility were often sought by his colleagues. Martin always saw the best in everyone and was quick to defend his people. Through this, he had their true loyalty and commitment to the day he passed.

On a lighter note I will always remember:

Relying on the good Rev. Martin Moos to come to the rescue to Commissioner of Oaths a document. The best, however, has to be witnessing the marriage of Mike Hemsley and his wife by Rev Martin Moos in his office in the HR Department. I know there were many other marriages of Tavcor staff, it just shows how much love and care he had for all the Tavcor people.

Martin, you are gone but never to be forgotten. We know you are with the Lord in Heaven, Rest in Peace, your family can be super proud of what you achieved on this Earth.
You will be missed!

Rest Easy Mr Moos.
Your Tavcor family.

Tribute to legendary Mr Martin Moos
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